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I offer a range of WELLNESS coaching to my clients. It largely centers around NUTRITION, as my research and experience both affirm this accounts for at least 80% of wellness, fitness, performance, energy, sleep, health (mental, emotional, physical, brain, and spiritual), and healthy aging. No matter your goals, I tailor a program specific to your body and needs. One of my main goals is to support you in empowering yourself to feel at home in your body, however that looks for you. #Solutions


Just a few areas of LIFE I have experience with:

Relationships of all kinds

Career / job

Suicidal thoughts / attempts


Gender identity / expression

Spirituality / religion


This is not traditional therapy or counseling. I use my training and intuition to ask thought-provoking questions to disrupt your current train of thoughts, beliefs, familiarity zone (different from your comfort zone), and modes of operating. I often check in between official sessions to continue serving as a disruption to empower you to move toward your declared goal(s). #AuthenticLiving


I am continually investing in myself and doing intentional work with mindset, belief, and universal laws to be able to support my clients with LASTING TRANSFORMATIONS! #Results


See my Bio for more information about my background and training.

(Photo by I. O. Tillett Wright, as part of their Self Evident Truths project.)
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