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"Jason has so many qualities that have propelled him into being an incredible coach. His innate ability to see all perspectives in a situation and then ask questions to his clients, enables THEM to search and find their answers. Essentially gifting empowerment to his clients. His guidance is pure gold. Beyond that his calm and supportive energy is always comforting to be around. Whether seeking health and wellness coaching or life coaching, Jason is for sure your best resource." -- Thomas Renner #Rennergy, Personal Trainer and Flywheel Instructor

"I have had the immense pleasure of being gently and lovingly coached by Jason. From the day we met, he exuded true connection and displayed a genuine and enthusiastic interest in knowing about me and my story.


As a widow, intent on finding the joy in life that remains after such a devastating event, and trying hard to help four young girls grieve in a positive, uplifting way, I gratefully turn to Jason for guidance when my journey takes me through uncharted territory and difficult waters. He listens, he emotionally invests, and he speaks to me in a loving language that I can understand, accept and embrace. I feel supported and celebrated when we speak, and I value our connection more every time I talk to him." -- Jennifer Jeldness Kimball, Mom, Loving Widow, Entrepreneur, Author, Joy Seeker, Traveler, and Expert in all things Spontaneous

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