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Growing up, I had always been thin -- too thin, according to my grandmother. I graduated high school at my current height of 5' 8.5" and weighing in at 140 lbs. During college, two different doctors actually "prescribed" me a well-known high calorie breakfast drink for months to attempt weight gain. It did not work either time.
Like many students, I had poor eating habits, which enabled me to gain some unhealthy weight over my college years and graduate with a little "pooch" of a tummy at 150 lbs. I fluctuated between that and 155 lbs for the next 15+ years, until the age of 36, when I began doing research and experimenting with foods and nutritional programs to develop a better foundation with which to enter my 40s and beyond. With my schedule and personality, I needed it to be simple, convenient, and taste good.
I found a solution that has transformed my life and the lives of those around me!
For the first time in my life, I felt satiated and have the energy to do whatever I desire. At the same time, I was able to release visceral fat (and the inches around my stomach) while also adding lean muscle mass. Once I incorporated workouts, my body responded well. I am now 170+ lbs with less than 10% body fat and maintaining with ease!
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